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Startup with Google

Startup with Google

Startup with Google

Startup with Google






Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign


Havas Prague


Digital Art Direction
Motion Design

Digital Art Direction
Motion Design


In summer 2018, Google was launching in the Czech Republic their global activity Startup with Google (now known as Google for Startups). The task was to create a Social Media Campaign on their Facebook profile to gain traffic to the microsite and support brand awareness of the product.

We came up with a creative solution covering multiple target groups offering various products and services under Google platforms via both - dark post and organic formats.

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The main part of the campaign was the product video, which describes all the key parts from testimonials to products and services of the platform. Marcel's was to create a storyboard, localize global assets, and animate the whole video. The video was running on social media channels for 3 months.

As a first teaser part,  set of testimonials of startup success stories. Various sizes of formats allowed us to gain more reach and conversions as well to connect a platform with well known local startups and products.

The campaign was closing with a set of creatives targeted to students and marketers. To each target group, we distributed relevant products under the platform.

All creative assets were created based on Google's brand identity and best practices in Social Media.

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Credits / Team

Digital Art Director

Marcel Lacko


Jana Patockova

Account Manager

Josef Zabojnik

Social Media Manager

Vita Fried

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